Stephen J Lewis
A strong focus on early attachment; along with development across lifespan, underpin every eclectic therapeutic intervention by Stephen J Lewis.

Even his approach to FDR Practice (Family Dispute Resolution) is based firmly on the belief that for two parties in dispute to negotiate freely, safely and on an 'informed basis' it is neccessary to attend to 'things that get in the way' prior to mediation.
Family Dispute Resolution
ABN: 23 800 500 588
Family Dispute Resolution & Counselling

Attorney General Accreditation Number: R1004924 – ACWA Member Number: LEWI10410

No.. not more of the same-

Stephen John Lewis is predictably innovative in his approach to any service he offers. Reputed for thinking outside of the box; along with being passionate about his client’s autonomy, he draws on an eclectic understanding of human emotion. Most certainly if you are looking for an opportunity to gain the meaningful insight that underpins sustained change he may be the answer to your question.

Mob: 0449 057 075
Therapeutic approach separates  Stephen J Lewis from the majority......
Counselling & Therapy
Family Dispute Resolution
Community & Peer Education
Attachment & Developmentally informed practice.
Strength & Client Focus.
Therapeutic Skew.
Non- Adversarial.
Child Inclusive

Paradigm Shifting